Aims and Objectives of Dar-ul-Ehsan Publications

The objects of the institution are to advance the education of the public in the Islamic religion and to advance that religion in accordance with the teachings of Babaji by means of the publication, sale or ex gratia distribution of Islamic religious texts or by such other means as the Trustees shall from time to time think fit and in particular (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) to project the Islamic religion in the spirit of the Farewell Address of the Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) teaching.

No publication shall advance the sectarian and political doctrines; instead they will all present Islam in pristine and puritanical form as well as lending support to expound the effects as outlined in the preceding article.

The publications all shall be commissioned by the secretary after the clear understanding and directions of the patron whose approval and permission will be sought for the manuscripts prior to the processes of printing and publication.

The publications shall endeavour to cover all aspects of the Islamic religion, theological, juridical, doctrinal, philosophical, evangelical, physiological, liturgical, biographical and historical, at all levels of children and adults.

The publications shall be paper and also hard bound with ISBNs allotted separately by the International Standard Book Numbering Agency (London) with whom Dar-ul-Ehsan Publications is registered for the purposes of ISBNs and copyrights.

The publications shall consist of books of variegated sizes, handouts, leaflets, bookmarks, stationary and allied equipment.

The publications may, at times, sponsor as its subsidiaries occasional research bulletin(s) and even regular journal(s) for the benefit of non-Muslims in general and Muslims in particular.